Villa Maria Boutique Apartments

Elia Beach, Mykonos, 84600

Do you ever think about making art with the natural materials around you? Do you see leaves and sticks on the ground that you are convinced could create a masterpiece? Did you ever think that used materials could have a second life circle, being part of an artistic creation?

Imagine huge structures made entirely of tangled sticks, creating a piece of art to carry your imagination away. When wood washes up on the beach, some artists see this as an opportunity to create something special like a series of beautiful collages or a desk lamb. Straws can be used for so much more than simply drink a juice. Combined together, several straws can create rather illuminative designs of necklaces and bracelets. Old pieces of jeans, used metallic items and wire can be transformed to an artifact of decoration or even a useful item for your own household. A second chance for old frames and aged wooden doors, is a use for handmade artistic pieces, hanging on a wall or giving color to a simple bed.

Inspired by the way nature recycles its own products, Elena Koleli, owner of Villa Maria decorated individually each of the studios and apartments of the complex with handmade creations made of natural and recyclable materials, giving a boutique touch.


The great Margaret Mead once said “No education that is not founded on art will ever succeed”. That’s why we believe knowledge should be spread and we started those artistic masterclasses. You can collect your own materials and work under the guidance of Elena, creating on your own artifact, take it back home and share this unique experience with your friends and family.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Private Parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Family rooms
  • Pets allowed