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About Mykonos

Mykonos. The most famous island in Greece, and without a doubt the most cosmopolitan of the Cycladic islands. Its name is synonymous with entertainment and nonstop parties. However, Mykonos offers more than just that. It’s the island of surprises. It has unique beauty, some of which are well-known, while others remain unknown…

The island of winds, as the locals name it, is located around the center of the Cyclades islands, between Tinos and Naxos. It is the closest island to Delos. Boats depart from Mykonos’ harbor to visit the ancient sacred island.

Mykonos was one of the first Greek islands to attract tourists with its natural beauty, sun, and sea. It started to spread its rumor in the mid-1950s, when the first guests arrived on the island.

Mykonos was already a popular vacation spot for worldwide jet set celebrities in the mid-1960s. During the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Mykonos became popular among every artist, politician, and businessman of the time. Celebrities that have frequently visited this Aegean island include Aristoteles Onasis, Maria Kallas, Tzaki Kennedy – Onasi, Brigit Bardo, Zan Moro, and Grace Kelly.


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Find the best hotels and beaches in Mykonos

Best Hotels

Find the best hotels to stay in when you are in Mykonos. You will find a wide array of accommodation options.

Best Beaches

Find the most visited beaches in Mykonos and enjoy your stay with fun activities. There are beaches for everyone, parties, families, and more.

Why Visit Mykonos

Six Reasons To Visit Mykonos

Party Nightlife Scene

Mykonos is a place that never sleeps with parties going all day.

Amazing Beaches

Great beaches to party or simply relax and enjoy the Greek sun.

Picturesque Little Venice

A stunning area of Mykonos that should not be missed.

Deluxe Hotels & Villas

You could arrange your stay at countless resorts or hotels with great facilities for any taste.

Mouth-watering Food

Greek food is a unique culinary journey that you should have the chance to experience.

Limitless Shopping Therapy

Mykonos is considered to be a paradise for shoppers with its countless alternatives for every taste.